The Adulting Calendar - it's a bit simple, a bit cheeky, and a bit useful. This is a minimalist reusable calendar with monthly adulting reminders to help you get your sh*t together. Note: you can begin at any time and add your own dates to the blank squares.

Cast Announcement Templates - A simple and FREE PowerPoint template to create cast announcements for social media. Adjust them as you need and then export for sharing.

Feature Article Template - A simple and FREE Word template to place your Feature or Literacy Article copy. Adjust the images and text as required and print.


Written by Trent Sellars and Illustrated by DALLE2, Two Little Fruit Bats is a poetic short story for kids that reflects on difference, mateship and belonging.

Developed by Trent Sellars, The Muni Principles are simple and FREE framework for improving the selection, development and evaluation of creative projects. 

Digital Art (Aboriginal Design)

Designed by Wakka Wakka descendant Trent Sellars using digitally recreated symbols passed down from his uncle, the below pieces each tell a different story. Developed using the Adobe Suite, the digital files below are available for purchase so that you may print them at your own discretion

AI Art

Using a blend of DALLE2 prompts/creations and the Adobe Suite, these pieces are a test of the collaborative limitations between Artificial Intelligence and human creativity.

Felt Gravity

Flying World Cartoon

Interested in a custom or personalised design in one of the forms shown above? Find out more about hiring Trent Sellars on The Digital Caretaker website.