Case Study B:
Theatre Haus


Theatre Haus is a digital platform that publishes theatre reviews. The Reviewer Masterclass is to assist new and continuing team members to upskill in writing reviews. Theatre Haus operates out of the Google suite and, therefore, required the learning modules to be contained within. 

My role in this project was solo instructional designer, I was responsible for:

Education Design

Creative Ideation

Writing Tool



In consultation with the founders and editors, we identified the key areas that needed to be taught within the course, the target audience of the learning content and the required resources.

Target Audience

The course would be undertaken by seasoned reviewers as a refresher, and new writers as part of their onboarding

Learning Goals

Those who complete the course will be versed in best practices for review writing, the review allocation and editing proceess, and the anatomy of a review.


As many of the reviewers will undertake the course in their spare time (ie commuting to work) Theatre Haus requested learning materials include primarily audio content but with additional relevant readings and transcripts.


As Theatre Haus operate out of the Google ecosystem they have requested the use of Google tools for this course.


In the design phase, I began by mapping the modules and submodules for the course. In consultation with the Theatre Haus team, I wrote the copy for each module based on notes and information provided during the analyse phase.

I decided on Google Classroom as the LMS platform, with the use of ElevenLabs AI for the voiceover work. While not implemented at this initial stage, I explained to the team that there was an opportunity to assess learning with the use of graded quizzes on this platform. This option is something Theatre Haus will explore at a later date. 


In the development phase, a sample module "Reviews at Theatre Haus" was written, recorded and provided to the editors and founders for consideration. The use of AI for the voiceover work was approved and development began on the remaining modules. 

In addition to the writing and recording of modules, resources were sources from YouTube, journals and industry sites to serve as additional readings/viewings.

Implementing and Evaluating

"Trent was able to provide a simple and effective standalone course to assist our writers on the appropriate practices, the processes and the anatomy of reviews at Theatre Haus.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we will seek out Trent's expertise in future to add weight to the course in the form of quizzes and assessment."

Elodie Boal
Theatre Haus